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Ange Kobi Teethers (Baby Soothers) - BUY 3 FREE 1

Original Price: $21.90
Now: $16.00 (27% off!)
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Enjoy fruit without choking risk!

BPA & toxic material free

Light and easy grip!

Why you should buy this:
BPA-Free & Free from toxic materials
Enable your child to enjoy fresh fruits without the danger of choking on too big fruit pieces
Cute and unique design to attract your baby’s attention
Great also when your baby is teething, as you can place chilled fruits in the silicone teat to sooth your baby´s sore gums.

3 stage system: Allows your child to progress on different fruit textures.
Stage 1&2: Silicone teat for small juicy & soft fruits 
Stage 3: Mesh net for hard and crunchy fruits

How To Use
1. Cut the food into small pieces and put it into clean net or silicone teat.
2. Put the net/silicone teat into rim.
3. Connect the rim with holder.
4. Baby enjoys the food by themselves.

* Do not sterilize with microwave oven, chemicals and boiling water. Silicone teat can be steamed sterilized. All parts UV steriliser safe. 
* Always use this product with adult supervision.

Made in Korea
Net refills & silicone teats available - Sold separately



Usual Price:

Mummys Market:
$16.00 only!!

Early Bird Special ONLY from 11am-1pm daily!!:
Buy 5 Free 2

Grab it at Booth A03



Ange Kobi Teethers (Baby Soothers) - BUY 3 FREE 1 | Rating: 9 out of 10 |
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Venue: Singapore Expo HALL 5

Time: 11 - 12 OCT (11am-9pm) | 13 OCT (11am-8pm)

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