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LoveAmme LoveCook Pro 7-in-1 Baby Food Processor

Original Price: $269.00
Now: $179.00 (33% off!)
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Our 7-in-1 LoveCook Pro saves you time on food preparation and makes money-sense as it takes over the job of multiple appliances. Its compact footprint takes up little space on your kitchen top, and comes in a charcoal grey that fits into any modern kitchen.


Steaming preserves the vitamins, minerals and nutritional values of the food for your loved ones. With our special double-layer steaming rack, you can now steam different types of food concurrently to save time.


Seamless steaming to blending experience - a side tab allows you to drop in steamed items directly into the blender without scalding yourself. Use either auto-blend or manual pulse modes to achieve the texture suited to your baby’s developmental stage, or make a healthy smoothie to treat yourself.


Gently reheat your baby’s food with the option of steaming or via the water bath. A temperature-controlled water bath preserves the nutrition in the food.


Quickly defrosts frozen food with the temperature-controlled warmer.


Steam sterilise small items to kill germs. The sterilising chamber can take up to a large milk bottle.

Porridge/Rice/Pasta Cooker

This attachment enables you to cook porridge at 6 months, rice at 12 months and pasta at 18 months

Bottle Warmer

Warms milk evenly to feeding temperature with our temperature-controlled warmer to preserve essential nutrients.

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LoveAmme LoveCook Pro 7-in-1 Baby Food Processor | Rating: 9 out of 10 |
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