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(2020 AWARD WINNER) Acqua Water Pitcher

Original Price: $98.00
Now: $68.00 (31% off!)
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Acqua Water Pitcher

4 Advantages
1. Easy to handle for filter replacement. Inbuild indicator for the longevity of the filer and easy checking.

2. More powerful water purifying. Improve drinking water quality effectively by selectively choosing the exclusive filters for our Water Pitcherdepending on the water condition. (Removing more than 96% of the Chlorine odors and tasted)

3. Sensational Design. User-friendly design to put it in the fridge with unique design and compact size.

4. Economical price. Able to enjoy drinking water safely at a reasonble price of a water pitcher.

Product Functions
1. Purify the tap water in a simple way.

2. Enjoy 3.5L fo sufficient amount of water.

3. Easy to check the service life of filter by the inbuild indicator.

4. Enjoy more clean water by applying the selective filter.

5. Improve the taste of foods by using the water for cooking purpose.


Usual Price:

Mummys Market:
$68.00 only!!



(2020 AWARD WINNER) Acqua Water Pitcher | Rating: 9 out of 10 |
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