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Alkurma Dates Fruit Juice for Milkbooster + FREE $5.00 Gift Voucher!!! *EARLY BIRD SPECIAL!!!

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Early Bird
$5.00 OFF!!!
FREE $5.00 Gift Voucher!!!

 Lactose, Dairy & Gluten FREE!!

Preservatives & Artificial Colouring FREE!!

No Added Sugar!!

Suitable for Vegan!!


Made from the imported Arabian Kurma Ajwa (The highest nutritional values of dates).

A great energy booster and is popular with lactating mothers and pregnant mummies!!



Date Concentrated Juice


Unique features


  • Great energy boosting food. As it contains natural sugars, like glucose and fructose are readily used by the body to provide quick energy.
  • Great source of dietary fiber and protein.
  • A variety of B-complex vitamins. Provides a variety of functions that boost body metabolize carbohydrates, protein and fats.
  • Vitamin A, essential nutrient for protecting your eyes and vision.
  • Vitamin K, important vitamin for promoting normal blood clotting and bone metabolism.
  • Best natural sources of potassium. Potassium is an essential mineral your body needs to maintain heart muscle contractions (heart rate) and blood pressure.
  • High iron content. Iron is essential to red blood cell production.
  • Rich in valuable minerals, like calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper, etc. Each mineral perform many different function, but essential for body to maintain overall health.
  • Good appetizer and easy to digest.
  • Low in calories and cholesterol free.


*Available in Bundle of 3 also!!!

Come and Grab it Now!!!



Early Bird Special ONLY from 11am-1pm daily!!:
$5.00 OFF!!! FREE $5.00 Gift Voucher!!!



Alkurma Dates Fruit Juice for Milkbooster + FREE $5.00 Gift Voucher!!! *EARLY BIRD SPECIAL!!! | Rating: 9 out of 10 |
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Venue: Singapore Expo HALL 4

Time: 10-11 JAN (11am-9pm) | 12 JAN (11am-8pm)

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