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Experience Southeast Asia's BIGGEST & Leading Baby Fair Recommended by Local Parents | SINGAPORE EXPO HALL 4

Friso Gold Stage 2 400g (For Babies 6-12 Months)

Product Description
The Friso Gold Stage 2 follow-on formula that gives your child important nutrients to support his or her overall growth and development. Give your growing child a headstart with Friso Gold Stage 2.

At 6 months, your curious baby starts to take their First Steps into the world around them. New textures, new smells and new experiences abound. Friso Gold 2 provides all the important nutrients to support your baby's digestion and gut health with prebiotics. It is also well balanced with nutrients such as DHA and AA for brain development, and antioxidants such as, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E for immune health.

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Venue: Singapore Expo HALL 4

Time: 10-11 JAN (11am-9pm) | 12 JAN (11am-8pm)

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