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Experience Southeast Asia's BIGGEST & Leading Baby Fair Recommended by Local Parents | SINGAPORE EXPO HALL

Free MamyPoko Air Fit Newborn Diaper Packs

Free MamyPoko Air Fit Newborn Or Medium Size Diaper Packs!

Be the FIRST 2,500 Expectant Mummies OR 1,500 Toddler Mummies to collect MamyPoko Air Fit Diaper Pack at Mummys Market Baby Fair from 11 - 13 OCT 2019 @ Singapore Expo Hall 5!


Let your precious one bid goodbye to discomfort, nappy rash and leakages!

Introducing the MamyPoko Air Fit Diaper that is gentler and more breathable on your baby’s skin, reduces 50% pressure on baby’s tummy and fits perfectly to prevent leakages!

Free MamyPoko Air Fit Newborn Diaper Packs Features

Steps for Participation

  1. Register & fill in your particulars at the following form.
  2. Head down to the demonstration booth at the entrance of Baby Fair (11 - 13 OCT, EXPO Hall 5) with your Confirmation email and 2019 gynae card (Newborn) or Baby Birth Cert (Toddler).
  3. Experience a demonstration of MamyPoko's Airfit range.
  4. Present your Confirmation Email + 2019 Gynae card (Newborn) / Baby Birth Cert (Toddler) at the MamyPoko AirFit Collection Booth at Singapore Expo Hall 5 to redeem your free diaper pack.

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*First Name

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Diaper Type :

Hospital of Delivery :

I understand the steps for participation and agree to the terms and conditions set out in this page for the Mamypoko Giveaway.

I consent to the processing of my personal data by Mummys Market for marketing and/or research purposes, and agree to be contacted for any products and/or services updates, news, promotions, information via calls, SMS and/or emails.

Terms & Conditions for Giveaway

  1. Limited to FIRST 2500 Expectant Mothers / 1500 Toddler Mothers with Babies age 4-12months old to be at Mummys Market Baby Fair (11 - 13 OCT 2019).
  2. Limited to ONE Newborn Size 10 Piece Diaper Pack per Expectant Mother / ONE Medium Size 5 Piece Diaper Pack per Toddler Mother.
  3. Only Expectant Mothers/Mums-to-be are allowed to redeem the Mamypoko Pack. Family members, Friends & Relatives cannot collect on behalf.
  4. MamyPoko Diaper Confirmation Email with Unique QR Code and 2019 Gynae card (Newborn) / Baby Birth Cert (Toddler) MUST be presented for collection.
  5. Incomplete submissions will not be processed and considered invalid.
  6. By entering the Mamypoko Giveaway, participants are agreeing to be bound by the terms & conditions set out in the Giveaway, and Baby Market’s decisions relating to the Giveaway.
  7. Mummys Market reserves the right to disqualify an entry if it has reasonable grounds to believe that an entrant has breached any of the Giveaway’s rules or conditions.
  8. Mummys Market Organiser’s decision is FINAL.
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Venue: Singapore Expo HALL 5

Time: 11 - 12 OCT (11am-9pm) | 13 OCT (11am-8pm)

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