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Experience Southeast Asia's BIGGEST & Leading Baby Fair Recommended by Local Parents | SINGAPORE EXPO HALL 5

BIODERMA is one of the leading French dermatological skincare brands since the 1970s, and also the inventor of the world’s first micellar water. Prescribed by over 40,000 dermatologists worldwide, BIODERMA products imitate the skin’s natural biological mechanisms by selecting only the purest active ingredients and using molecules naturally found in the skin for better tolerance. As a result, BIODERMA products improve the skin's tolerance and help it be less reactive and sensitive over time, in a lasting way.



ABCDerm is a high-tolerance dermato-paediatric skincare range developed to protect and care for babies and children’s skin. Baby skin is delicate and fragile, allowing BIODERMA to tap into our dermatological expertise and formulate an extra safe and ultra-gentle hygiene range for paediatricians and parents to use in confidence. With no nasties found in their products and containing the purest molecules at optimal doses, ABCDerm products contain limited ingredients to guarantee safety and comfort.


"I use this for the whole family. It cleans effectively, yet is so gentle. I use to remove makeup, sunscreen, clean up eyeliner, it works so well, and i use it for my daughter who has sensitive skin. It is suitable for everyone and everything." - Lucy

"Best product!! I use Bioderma water sensitive and stumbled across this for my son. When my son is having aversions to bath, I use it all over to help keep him clean." - LMS


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Time: 7 - 10 MAY (11am-9pm)

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