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Minky Blanket
Best Minky Blanket
Our One & Only Full Minky Blanket

OurOne&Only Full Minky Blankets are Limited Editions that comes in limited pieces hand-sewn by stay-at-home mummies. Designed locally, they are extremely soft & comfy to the touch, and it helps to optimise your little one's quality of sleep by providing them with warmth and luxurious comfort. Embossed with minky dots at the back, OurOne&Only Full Minky Blankets gives your little ones a better sensory feel, helping to further enhance their sensory development. Made with Premium fabric to cater specially for babies & toddlers, it is extremely durable (No colour fading after multiple washes) & convenient to handle.


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Tested by Mums and Mummys Market Team

The OurOne&Only Full Minky Blanket has won the hearts of many mummies for it's convenience and ease of cleaning, on top of its comfort & benefits for our little ones! Moreover, what makes it more meaningful than other blankets, is that its handmade minky blankets is a project for stay-at-home mummies to be financially independent, while still being able to have ample time to watch over their little ones!

 "Even after multiple washing in the washing machine, the Minky Blanket is still as good as new! Colour is not tarnished over multiple washes, unlike the previous blankets I've gotten my child! Plus it's super soft, fluffy and comfy, and my little one love it!"


Product Description

OurOne&Only's dual-sided minky blankets are made specially for babies with soft and sensitive skin to give them a super fluffy and comfy feel.

You'll never forget the softness of minky fabric once you get your hands on it and feel them!

Base minky is embossed with dots to give babies a better sensory feel and give them warm of a real fur to help them sleep better!!

  • Easy to wash (machine washable)
  • Modern Micro-Fibre Fabric
  • 90cm by 100cm


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