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Tonic for Pre & Post Natal
Best Tonic for Pre & Post Natal
Hock Hua 28-Days Nutritional Herbal Soup Recipes

The Confinement Complete Package from Hock Hua consists of 28 different herbal soups, specially formulated for the recuperation of new mothers throughout the confinement month. It is important for breastfeeding mothers to replenish plenty of water, and consumption of such herbal soups will not only greatly help with that, but also supply the necessary nutrition for the new mothers. Benefits of the herbals soups it consists includes: Circulation & remove clot, clear lochia, nourishing & rejuvenation, strengthen tendon and bones, tonify vitals and blood and many more!

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Tested by Mums and Mummys Market Team

Winning the hearts of mummies with how nutritious and convenient it is, moms loved that Hockhua Confinement Complete Pack has everything planned out for them during their confinement! Not to forget how tasty and tremendous benefits it has!

With the convenient nicely packed, 28 boxes of tonic soup to last through confinement, containing everything to recover from childbirth! Hockhua's herbal soups not only helps with replenishing water loss, it also supplies the necessary nutritions for new mummies. Breastfeeding mummies espeically love it for recovery from childbirth.

"Every box has it purpose, and even the sequence of which to drink first is carefully planned out. Knowing this, I'm able to consume them, not worrying about missing out any aspects that I should focus on for recovery. Really made confinement a breeze for me with its comprehensive variety of tonic soup and its convenience."

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