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Bottle Cleansing
Best Feeding Bottle Cleansing Liquid
Farlin Baby Feeding Bottle Liquid Cleanser

Ecological with ingredients sourced naturally, Farlin's Bottle Cleansing Detergent is food-grade certified by FDA. Its phosphate-free, phosphorus-free, fluorescence-free and anti-bacterial - All while having the ability of thoroughly cleansing feeding bottles without milk remnants, and is also effective in removing grease. It is safe and gentle for daily use, even for cleaning vegetables, fruits, toys and table wares.

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Tested by Mums and Mummys Market Team

The most important factors to look for when choosing baby bottle wash and hand wash is to make sure they are made of organic/natural ingredients, and Mummies trust Farlin's Baby Feeding Bottle Liquid Cleanser for its food-grade feature, certified by FDA! It is ecological, with ingredients sourced naturally, phosphate-free, phosphorus-free and fluorescence-free. On top of that, it is anti-bacterial and thoroughly cleans any milk stains and remnants, making cleaning a breeze for mummies like you!

"It is a very safe product for cleaning baby bottles and can also be used for washing fruits before consumption. Been using it for 1.5 year now, it's a really good product and not harmful at all, so I can rest assure it's safe for my family."


Product Description

Formulated with Plants extract which is natural and mild. PH 5.5Anti-bacteria, thoroughly cleans without milk remnants. Non-artificial perfume and pigment, environment-protecting, non-phosphorous, non-toxic. Also for cleaning vegetables, fruits, toys and tableware's, etc.


  • Anti-bacteria, thoroughly cleans without milk remnants.
  • Non artificial perfume and pigment, environment-protecting, non-phosphorus, non-toxic.
  • Also for cleaning vegetables, fruits, toys and tablewares, etc.
  • Plants formula, PH 5.5 is natural and mild.


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