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Multi-Purpose Anti-Bacterial Gel
Best Multi-Purpose Anti-Bacterial Gel
Argasol Kids Silver Gel

Argasol Kids Silver Gel is great for sanitizing your kid’s hands and body to protect them from bacterial and fungal infections. It is also great for baby and kid-related issues like diaper rash, minor cuts, burn, ulcers and insect bites. Clinically tested to kill more than 650 types of bacteria, the Argasol Silver Gel is suitable for hand sanitization, wound healing and diaper rash. It is made of food-grade ingredients, and is safe for babies and toddlers. Also available in Argasol Kids Surface Disinfectant, it can be used as a daily surface disinfectant to disinfect toys and play mats.

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Tested by Mums and Mummys Market Team

Super trusty Argasol Kids Silver Gel helps is extremely useful and effective n cases of staph infections, rashes, burns, cuts, and more. Applying Argasol Gel many times a day on affected areas helps to clear imperfections faster than usual. It also helps in speedy healing of eczema outbreak without using steroids and antibiotics.

It is moisturizing and contains a food-grade gelling agent which makes it non-toxic and perfectly safe for children. Its food-grade quality means it can be applied on even ulcers in the mouth, apart from using it as a hand sanitising agent throughout the day to stop infection from spreading.

"I'm very reliant on the Argasol gel, because it can be practically used for everything & anything! It even helps with speedy healing of eczema outbreak without using steroids and antibiotics. I personally use it the most on my baby for diaper rashes and abrasions! Extremely effective and safe at the same time!"


Product Description


  • Clinically tested to kill more than 650 types of bacteria
  • Suitable for hand sanitization, wound healing (minor cuts, burns) and diaper rash
  • Food-grade ingredients
  • Safe for babies and kids


Suitable for eczema wound:

  • Creates an almost instantaneous softening and rejuvenation when applied to the skin
  • Is non-cytotoxic (it will not hurt normal human cells)
  • Provides moisture for wound healing and burn treatment
  • Can be used with bandages available in the market
  • Helps ease discomforts associated with burns, wounds, bites or itching problems
  • Odorless, alcohol-free and needs no refrigeration
  • Is non-irritating to the skin, mouth or eyes



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