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Gerber Baby Cereal

Gerber Premium Cereals – the finest cereals that babies deserve. Using only the finest, Non-GMO ingredients obtained from trusted sources, Gerber offers a range of stage-appropriate nutrients to suit babies at different stages of growth. Imported from USA, made from natural grains and real fruits with no artificial flavours, Gerber Premium Cereals are fortified with Iron, Zinc, Calcium, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and six B Vitamins, creating spoonfuls of delightful experience for your babies’ developing palates.

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Tested by Mums and Mummys Market Team

 Packed with essential minerals and vitamins for babies growth and development, Gerber's cereals are of high quality, with their fruits and vegetables carefully packed and steam sealed. Fortified with Iron, Zinc, Calcium, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and six B Vitamins, with no artificial flavours, Gerber won the hearts of many consumers, with the trust that only the best ingredients are offered in each spoonful they give to their baby!

"It's yummy and healthy for the little one, and it makes it really convenient and fuss-free for us parents at the same time! Its various series caters well to every weaning stage of my child and she's still enjoys Gerber's series of snacks now at almost 4 years old!


Product Description

Stage 1: Single-Grain Organic Baby Cereals: Rice and Oatmeal

For when your baby is ready to start solids, they are made with gentle, organic grains, and their smooth, fine texture is just right for this stage of development.

Stage 2: Sitter Cereals

Made with real fruit and are a great way to introduce your little one to yummy new tastes, while still providing the nutrition they need.

Stage 3: Lil’ Bits Cereals

Once your crawler starts exploring new food adventures, the taste and texture will help your baby learn to chew and transition to table food. Plus, they are made with real fruit and whole grains.


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