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Bamboo Baby Towel
Best Bamboo Baby Towel
Bebe Bamboo 100% Bamboo Hooded/Bath Towel

The Bebe Bamboo 100% Bamboo Towel comes in both hooded and unhooded versions. They are both luxuriously soft and gentle on your baby's skin, which makes it a perfect product for even those with sensitive skin and allergies. Made of 100% Bamboo (A natural fibre that is organically grown without pesticides and with little to no water), the Bebe Bamboo Towel is also highly absorbent, quick-drying, bio-degradable and anti-bacterial.

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Tested by Mums and Mummys Market Team


Bamboo is a natural fiber that's highly absorbent and quick drying, and boasts anti-bacterial properties as well. Using 100% bamboo fibres in its towels, Bebe Bamboo is a household favourite! Super soft yet extremely absorbent, consumers who've voted for the Bebe Bamboo Towels really appreciate the quality of its towels!

"They're perfect for baby's sensitive skin and even for use parents who might need a smaller towel too!"


Product Description

  •  Bebe Bamboo™ 100% Bamboo Bath Towel is luxuriously soft and gentle on your child’s skin and perfect for those with sensitive skin and allergies
  • Made of bamboo, a natural fiber that is organically grown without pesticides and little to no water
  • Highly absorbent and quick drying
  • Biodegradable
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Perfect for adult who prefers smaller and lighter towel



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