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Chicken Essence for Pre & Post Natal
Best Chicken Essence for Pre & Post Natal
Lao Xie Zhen Premium Boiled Essence of Chicken

Voted Best Chicken Essence for Pre & Post Natal for 2 consecutive years, Lao Xie Zhen uses an advanced boiling method to ensure nutrients are fully extracted. It is rich in protein and collagen, which makes it a best choice for mummies during pregnancy & post-natal care. It helps with growth of the foetus, promotes post-natal milk secretion, repairs cells & tissues in the body, as well as combats fatigue & increase energy level. On top of its tremendous benefits, the highly raved & voted No.1 chicken essence in Taiwan is also known for being tasty, just like chicken soup.

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Tested by Mums and Mummys Market Team

Having a long history of 80 years in Taiwan, Lao Xie Zhen has been in the industry for 4 generations. They have established themselves as a favorable and trustworthy brand among consumers. LXZ has refined their recipe and production for over 80 years since being introduced in Taiwan, and with its unique boiling methods that helps to extract and retain more nutrients in their chicken essence, they have garnered trust and loyalty from many consumers alike!

Not only is it great for mums who need that extra oomph in their step, Lao Xie Zhen's premium chicken of essence doesn't have a strong smell or taste to it. People who drank it, liken it to drinking chicken soup with a light and smooth taste! Preparation is easy as well, all you need to do is put one of their sealed sachets into a cup of hot water for 3 minutes and it's good to go.

"Not only is it smooth on the taste, the packaging makes it very convenient for working mothers who have no time to replenish her daily nutrients needs! Definitely a great choice of gift for your loved ones as well!"

Product Description

Ingredients: Chicken, pork​​

  • Voted number 1 most used Essence of Chicken in Taiwan
  • 100% natural (no preservative, no additives)​
  • Convenience of usage (four layers opaque packaging)​
  • Adding premium pork ribs to further enhance the taste and protein content of the Essence of Chicken​
  • Best to consume warm in the morning before meals

Suitable for:

  • Mummies pre and post-natal nourishment
  • Growing children (2 years old & above)
  • Working adults and elderly daily nourishment
  • Supplement during recuperation


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